Saturday, 12 May 2012

Weekly Wishlist

This week I am currently obsessing over:

These awesome diamante spike flat shoes from (£ 30.00). These are right up my street and as soon as they come back into stock in my size they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.

Navy sequin mini prom dress from River Island (£70.00). I got a 470 dhs gift card for Mall of the Emirates for my birthday and can't decide what to spend it on. I could get lots of bits and pieces from H & M or Forever 21 or blow it all on this one lovely dress. Decisions, decisions. 

Macbeth crop top from Tee and Cake at Topshop. Who doesn't want to pay £20.00 for a bit of Shakespeare in their wardrobe? I think this T will be perfect for summer over my black maxi dress, I will just need to justify the price to myself.

Dopey top (£ 21.99) and Seven Dwarfs cropped pants (£18.99) both from Oysho.
Oysho is my favourite place to buy pjs. They do they cutest designs and they are super comfy too. Every Christmas my mum always buys a new set for my sister and I. They also do really sweet jumpers, cardigans and underwear too. I was lucky enough to get a gift voucher to spend in there so I will be purchasing some new bed wear soon.

Anything you guys are currently lusting over?


  1. i love the dress its so pretty i think you should use your voucher to buy it i really like the shoes and pi's too xx

  2. you've got me lusting after those shoes now too!

  3. That dress rocks my socks! Does it come in any other colours? You should definitely put your voucher towards that one.

  4. in love with those spiky flats!!! would love if you followed back! xoxo