Monday, 7 May 2012

OOTD- Born This Way

Dress: H & M
Jacket: Forever 21
Collar: H & M
Leggings: New Look
Shoes: New Look
Earrings: Primark
Ring: Aldo
Bag: Jimmy Choo

So today I turned the very uninteresting age of 26. This is what I wore for a birthday dinner with the parentals. I'm actually having a wee celebration on Thursday so that should be good. My parents got me quite a few things which I'm sure I will post later, but my big surprise was they are paying for me to go see Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball on the 9th of September in London. AMAZING. My mum printed out the ticket conformation to give me as the tickets are being sent to my aunt's in Scotland. I'm really excited, I've been a Monster for years and never had a chance to see her in concert before :). If anyone is else going, let me know!


  1. happy birthday!!! you look lovely and i LOVE the collar. ahhh im sososo jealous you're seeing gaga, have an amazing time! :)

  2. P.s, i've nominated you for an award on my blog :)

  3. love the look, and i want that collar! Happy Birthday xoxo

  4. Happy birthday!!!! Hope you had a great day love the outfit esp the collar xx

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! I'm so happy you have such awesome parents, Emma!!!

  6. Happy birthday girl! Want to follow each other? Let me know what you think!!

    Belle De Jour

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! x

  8. uh wow, what a wonderful outfit! love the accessoires! :}
    your blog is awesome!!
    take a look at mine and follow me if you like it. or following each other?