Monday, 27 August 2012


Sorry I have been such a rubbish blogger recently! I am going back to home to Dubai next Saturday so hopefully I will be a bit more settled and less of traveling here, there and everywhere across Scotland. I have also been busy trying to sell my flat, getting involved in a bit of DIY and painting. I have started to involve myself in Instagram alot more now so feel free to follow me, my name is stormerxx. Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend and I have lots planned to share with you guys, so keep an eye out!
Emma xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Review- 17 Blow Out Mascara

Last week while browsing through Boots, I spotted that 17 had a new mascara on offer, the Blow Out Volumise Sculpt Tease Mascara which promised x12 volume. It also came with a free Blow Out Jumbo Eyliner in Blackest Black. The mascara was £6.29 and with a free eyeliner too, I felt it would be rude to say no to that!
The mascara tube, it's quite bulky

The mascara with the jumbo eyeliner

Me with no make up

After applying the mascara and eyeliner

I must start out by saying my eyes have actually been really sensitive recently but I have had no problem with this mascara and eyeliner which is really good as my MAC Zoom Lash was causing my eyes to sting and water, making the rest of my make up run, and that was becoming a massive pain in the ass. It does really lengthen you lashes and and makes them stand out but I do feel my lashes aren't as thick looking as I would like them too but on the whole I a pretty happy with my purchase. The only problem I have is I found the wand to be a bit big, which made doing my lower lashes tricky. The eyeliner is nice and soft which makes application very easy, but again the size of the product means it produces a very thick line which doesn't give you a very subtle look so I would avoid if heavy black eyeliner is not your thing. As for repurchasing, I would definitely consider buying the Mascara again for the length it delivers but I don't think the eyeliner will be making a reappearance.

What mascara are you guys currently hooked on?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nails, nails, nails

I usually keep my own nails nice and short but when I came back to the UK in July my cousins convinced me to go to their local nail salon and get acrylics put on. It's been a few years since I have had acrylics on as they completely ruin your nails underneath and to be honest I find they get in my way a lot, but I am off work till September and they always look much neater than my own nail so I thought why the hell not. I am currently rocking these glitter tips:

They are quite nice and simple, and I love the purple colour but after a few weeks I must admit I am a bit bored and the work of Disco Nails Japan has caught my eye.

All the images above are the work of Disco Nails Japan and I love it! Next time I get my nails done I would love to get something similar. I just wish I was talented enough to do stuff like this myself, as several people on my blog roll list are! What's your opinion on Nail Art? A hit or a miss?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dorothy Perkins Dress Discount

I have had my eye on a few dresses from Dorothy Perkins for a while now and yesterday almost caved in and ordered them online but thank goodness I didn't as this morning I got an email saying they have 20% off dresses until Friday. I ran straight to my nearest store and unfortunately they only had one of the dresses I wanted to buy. I decided to buy it anyway but now I don't know wether to order the other one online and now have to pay for delivery as the amount would fall below the total need to get free delivery, or should I order another dress to make the most of the order and get free delivery? Decisions, decisions. Anyway here is the dress I actually bought:

Perfume Peter Pan Dress- Was £39.50 and I think I paid £31.25

Raspberry Bird Cage Print Dress- £38.00
This is the dress I really wanted to get as I think it will be great for work

Ruby Rocks Yellow Bird Print Dress- £26.00
I love the cute print on this one too

Ruby Rocks Print Dipped Hem Dress- £ 32.00
Again with the birds! Seems to be a bit of a theme going on here!

What do you guys think I should do?

OOTD- Leopard Print Love

Dress- Topshop
Jacket- River Island
Leggings- New Look
Shoes- Zara
Necklace- Forever 21
Ring- H and M

I wore this for a quick trip into town to have lunch with my boyfriend's family today. Ended up having a burger at TGI Fridays which was pretty good. I bought this jacket in River Island on the weekend, it's suppose to be for school but I love it too much to not wear it all the time!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review- Lush Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick

Before I write this review I feel I should point out that I worked in a Lush store for 6 years, starting out part time during the uni summer holidays before going full time and then becoming trainee manager until I gave it all up for a life of teaching. I loved working at Lush and always had a great time but having said that I do want to do an honest review of these products so let's get started!
Emotional Brilliance is the new make up range from Lush (who previously owned make up company Never To Busy To Be Beautiful). The idea is to pick colours that match your emotions/ how you are currently feeling, rather what you thinks suits you or what colours you typically go for. Each shop has a colour wheel that they use to give you a colour reading (or you can do it online They spin the wheel, while you close your eyes, when it stops and you open your eyes, you pick the three colours that 'speak' to you. I picked Drive, Passionate and Glamorous which are three of the liquid lipstick. After much chat, swatching and indecisiveness I decided to buy Glamorous and Vibrance.

The little glass bottles remind me of Alice in Wonderland

Glamorous top
Vibrance below



Each product come in a little glass bottle with a doe foot applicator and a large label with the product name on. While it's not the most sophisticated of packaging it does the job, you can clearly see the product inside and like I said before I get an Alice in Wonderland vibe from it. The base of the liquid lipsticks is made from jojoba oil, candeilla wax and rose wax (which is basically Ultrabalm) which makes it extremely softening on your lips. The lipsticks are nicely pigmented and apply brightly on your lips. I love Glamorous, it's a perfect bubblegum pink, has a strong colour pay off but isn't too in your face. I must admit I am struggling with Vibrance at the minute. In the bottle it is a wonderful golden orange, a colour that was lacking from my lipstick collection, but on me I am not convinced. I imagine on a darker skin tone it would really stand out and look amazing. On me it just looks a bit insipid. 
I strongly recommend  if you get a chance to pop into your local Lush, do get a colour reading and try out all the different make up products (there are eyeshadows and eyeliners too). At £14.50 they are not cheap and I think priced a bit too high. I always feel is you price yourself higher than MAC then you are kind of pricing yourself out of the market. I know it's cheaper than Dior, YSL etc but in my opinion MAC do the best lipsticks and if I have a spare £14.50 it would probably be spent in there.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Current Wishlist

Layla Peeptoe Wedges- £34.99
Just what I need, another pair of shoes that I can fall over in. But I would look pretty darn good doing so with these babies on!

Marc Jacobs Watch- ASOS.COM £179.00
My Juicy Couture is almost falling to bits and I am eyeing this up as it's replacement.
Fantasy Eyeliner- £14.50
I already own two of the lipsticks from the new Emotional Brilliance range (more on the soon) and would love to try this eyeliner out too.
MOTO Shoulder Spike Jacket- Topshop £60.00
I went to buy this in Topshop Edinburgh and they only had size 6s and 8s :(. I guess I will just be admiring this one from afar. 

Can't believe that it is August already! This summer is going to fast but to be fair all I have been doing is watching the Olympics religiously since it started. Go Team GB! What have you guys been up to recently?