Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review- Lush Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick

Before I write this review I feel I should point out that I worked in a Lush store for 6 years, starting out part time during the uni summer holidays before going full time and then becoming trainee manager until I gave it all up for a life of teaching. I loved working at Lush and always had a great time but having said that I do want to do an honest review of these products so let's get started!
Emotional Brilliance is the new make up range from Lush (who previously owned make up company Never To Busy To Be Beautiful). The idea is to pick colours that match your emotions/ how you are currently feeling, rather what you thinks suits you or what colours you typically go for. Each shop has a colour wheel that they use to give you a colour reading (or you can do it online lush.co.uk). They spin the wheel, while you close your eyes, when it stops and you open your eyes, you pick the three colours that 'speak' to you. I picked Drive, Passionate and Glamorous which are three of the liquid lipstick. After much chat, swatching and indecisiveness I decided to buy Glamorous and Vibrance.

The little glass bottles remind me of Alice in Wonderland

Glamorous top
Vibrance below



Each product come in a little glass bottle with a doe foot applicator and a large label with the product name on. While it's not the most sophisticated of packaging it does the job, you can clearly see the product inside and like I said before I get an Alice in Wonderland vibe from it. The base of the liquid lipsticks is made from jojoba oil, candeilla wax and rose wax (which is basically Ultrabalm) which makes it extremely softening on your lips. The lipsticks are nicely pigmented and apply brightly on your lips. I love Glamorous, it's a perfect bubblegum pink, has a strong colour pay off but isn't too in your face. I must admit I am struggling with Vibrance at the minute. In the bottle it is a wonderful golden orange, a colour that was lacking from my lipstick collection, but on me I am not convinced. I imagine on a darker skin tone it would really stand out and look amazing. On me it just looks a bit insipid. 
I strongly recommend  if you get a chance to pop into your local Lush, do get a colour reading and try out all the different make up products (there are eyeshadows and eyeliners too). At £14.50 they are not cheap and I think priced a bit too high. I always feel is you price yourself higher than MAC then you are kind of pricing yourself out of the market. I know it's cheaper than Dior, YSL etc but in my opinion MAC do the best lipsticks and if I have a spare £14.50 it would probably be spent in there.


  1. Love the pink one does it dry or is it like wet like a lipgloss xx

    1. It dries on! It'e quite good that way so you don't leave marks on cup or glasses etc!

  2. I really wish they were not so expensive because I really want to try them! Its not like Lush to have their products so expensive either.

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  3. I used to be obsessed with B and was devastated when they folded, so this new make up range really excites me. The price doesn't really bother me because they're just like the oldies I used to love- the colours are fab, long lasting, and vibrant, and cruelty free so I don't mind spending a little more. I've got Happiness last week, and just today got Healthy, Motivation, and Feeling Secure. Very impressed with them! Love the lip colours you have, too, but not sure I'd have the guts to wear the bright orange!

  4. ive been curious about this but you have sold me. is it hard to apply?