Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dorothy Perkins Dress Discount

I have had my eye on a few dresses from Dorothy Perkins for a while now and yesterday almost caved in and ordered them online but thank goodness I didn't as this morning I got an email saying they have 20% off dresses until Friday. I ran straight to my nearest store and unfortunately they only had one of the dresses I wanted to buy. I decided to buy it anyway but now I don't know wether to order the other one online and now have to pay for delivery as the amount would fall below the total need to get free delivery, or should I order another dress to make the most of the order and get free delivery? Decisions, decisions. Anyway here is the dress I actually bought:

Perfume Peter Pan Dress- Was £39.50 and I think I paid £31.25

Raspberry Bird Cage Print Dress- £38.00
This is the dress I really wanted to get as I think it will be great for work

Ruby Rocks Yellow Bird Print Dress- £26.00
I love the cute print on this one too

Ruby Rocks Print Dipped Hem Dress- £ 32.00
Again with the birds! Seems to be a bit of a theme going on here!

What do you guys think I should do?


  1. Buy the extra dress or something smaller instead of paying delivery. You can always send it back, and you won't have the extra £4-5 lost on delivery! The fuschia bird cage dress is right at the top of my wishlist too! Roll on payday!

    1. That's genuis idea! Thanks Louise!

  2. I'm always ordering more than I need at Dorothy Perkins to get the free delivery and then I'll send it back. I do have a store card though so it's easier to do this because I don't get hit by the cost for all the clothes I buy.