Monday, 6 August 2012

Current Wishlist

Layla Peeptoe Wedges- £34.99
Just what I need, another pair of shoes that I can fall over in. But I would look pretty darn good doing so with these babies on!

Marc Jacobs Watch- ASOS.COM £179.00
My Juicy Couture is almost falling to bits and I am eyeing this up as it's replacement.
Fantasy Eyeliner- £14.50
I already own two of the lipsticks from the new Emotional Brilliance range (more on the soon) and would love to try this eyeliner out too.
MOTO Shoulder Spike Jacket- Topshop £60.00
I went to buy this in Topshop Edinburgh and they only had size 6s and 8s :(. I guess I will just be admiring this one from afar. 

Can't believe that it is August already! This summer is going to fast but to be fair all I have been doing is watching the Olympics religiously since it started. Go Team GB! What have you guys been up to recently?


  1. I don't think I could walk two steps before falling in those heels, but I WANT them haha. I really like that Marc Jacobs watch too!