Sunday, 27 May 2012

I like my books witty and my hair blue

I went and got my hair cut and coloured today! I'm really happy with it, I love the shape and decided to try rocking the middle parting for a little while to see how that goes. I'm sure in 5 weeks time I will be getting it cut into a different style again. My hair is very thin so I prefer to keep it short but I'm lucky that it does grow very fast.

In other news I spent the weekend reading this:

Well can I just start out by saying it is AWFUL. If you like books with no plot, very little characterisation and lots of repetition, then this may just be the book for you. I actually can't think of one good thing to say about it except it gave me a bit of a laugh afterwards as I reflected on how truly terrible it is. If you haven't heard of this book, which seems to be taking the world by storm, lucky you. The basic premise is girl meets boy, boy is mysterious, rich, devastatingly good looking and emotionally unavailable, girl is clumsy, shy and naive, boy and girl embark on relationship that revolves around arguments and sex. That is actually the whole book. You don't need to read it now as that is all that happens. I just saved you some time and money there! 
After finding out that FSoG started out as Twilight fan fiction, I kinda understood why it was so awful. I have read all the Twilight books and enjoyed them for what they are but Stephanie Meyer is not exactly the next Jane Austin, so your not starting with the best source material in the first place. This rant has gone on a little longer than expected but I have only one more thing to say about it, you could actually play a drinking game to this book it is soooooo unbelievably repetitive, the phrase 'my inner godess' is used 65 times. 65 FRICKIN TIMES! So EL James, to me you are the Rebecca Black of the book world and have hopefully had your five minutes of fame, also can I please have my £2.69 back to buy a decent book?

Anyone else hating or loving this book?


  1. Haven't read this book and I doubt that I will buy it now. Thanks for the review :)

  2. The cut and the colour looks great on you :) 50 Shades is definitely trashy, awful and repetitive, but I found it somewhat addictive as well :p I should be ashamed lol