Thursday, 17 May 2012

Recent Purchases

Peace Earrings- Miss Selfridge
Got these little dazzlers on sale for 15 dhs (£2.60)

Bird Print Dress- Dorothy Perkins
Picked this up on sale too for 150 dhs (£25.00)

Black Studded Top- Zara
I got a gift voucher for Zara for my birthday and it's not actually somewhere I really shop but I was really impressed with the current stock they had and picked this up for 145 dhs (£ 24.00)

Printed Shirt with Gold Stud on Collar- Zara
They had so many beautiful shirts in Zara and I tried several on, just to remember why I don't really shop in there. Every single shirt was too tight across the chest! If you are bigger than a C cup you have no chance at all (if you are a C cup, I still think you would be struggling with those popping buttons!). I still picked this one up as I had the voucher to spend and plan to wear it quite open with a blank tank top underneath it but if that doesn't work it will have to go back. This shirt cost me 195 dhs (£33.50).

I was really impressed with the clothing in Zara and easily would of bought more but I found the sizing to be odd and was totally gutted when the majority of clothes I tried on just didn't fit across the chest.  I have 30 days to return the shirt so I'm gonna try and make it work tomorrow and see how it goes. 
Are there any clothing stores where you find the sizing a little crazy?


  1. wow you´ve bought some really nice things

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  2. nice peices i love the last shirt! xoxo

  3. I love the bird print dress and the print on the shirt it cool xx

  4. Oooh great choices, I love your zara shirt! x

  5. Great things, really! <3 But I'm sure, that if You wear it, these clothes would look more beautiful! DO U want to follow each other? :)

  6. snap i got the zara shirt, i picked up the one with the horese too :o) i love them!

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