Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eyelash Extensions

Last month I got eyelash extensions as I was going to the Dubai World Cup Horse Racing. I had wanted them done for ages and this seemed to be the perfect excuse. I went to Sisters beauty lounge in Dubai Mall which I would highly recommend. It was 600dhs for a full set which is £100, so pretty pricey but I was really happy with the results.  They looked really full and long with no need for much make up or fake eyelashes which I love to wear but if I'm honest I am not the best at applying them. For the first 24 hours you can't wash your face, wear eyemake up, go to the beach or use a steam room. I loved them so much I decided to go and get them refilled. The salon recommended getting them refilled every two weeks but I went to the UK for ten days and didn't have time to get them done. I finally got around to going today.
I took this photo last night. A lot of the original eyelashes have fallen out during the course of the month but they still look fairly long.

And this is them today. As you can see they look much fuller. Because I left it a month before getting the refills I had to get a half set done and most of the old eyelashes removed which cost 350 dhs (£58) but normal refills are usually 200 dhs (£33). It's pretty expensive but I have already made my appointment to go and get refills in two weeks time. If you are looking for a way to really make your eyes stand out and can't be bothered with the hassle of fake eyelashes I would really recommend getting eyelash extensions done.

And here is a photo of my sister, my mum and myself on the way to the Dubai World Cup. My fascinator was from Debenhams, dress from H & M, tights H by Henry Holland and shoes Can't Touch  This from Irregular Choice.

(All opinions and thoughts are my own and the eyelash extensions were paid for by myself)

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  1. Lash extensions is a good solution for immediate result, but be aware that no matter what type of extension you get they will thin out your natural eyelashes. Other thing to keep in mind is the maintenance and restriction of having eyelash extension.