Thursday, 12 July 2012

JC Versus Everyone Else

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that Jeffery Campbell Night Walk look a likes have popped up everywhere. I got my Night Walks from Solestruck in February and they cost me £110.

While I have worn them a few times, it's a bit gutting that now you can pick up very similar shoes for £30.

FAITH- £30.00 @ Chockers Shoes

Sculpted Cut Out Wedge Shoes- £40.00 @

Skye Black Suede Heel-less Shoe- £36.00 @ My 1st Wish

In the interest of science I think I may have to purchase a pair just to see how the quality and standard measures up. I have my eye on this pair.
CARRY- £40.00 @ Chockers Shoes

What's you opinion on shoe look a likes? Do you feel the need to shell out the money for the real deal or are you happy to look else where?


  1. I feel exactly the same, GUTTED I spent so much on them (have been considering selling mine, although they probably wouldn't fetch much) and also wonder how they would compare tot he cheaper ones. Generally I think they are a little clumpier looking and the toe never seems so smooth, but still for a third of the price, it's worth a try!

  2. Are they hard to walk in? That style of shoe has always confused me. :S.

  3. I love them but I'm not sure I could buy a look a like!
    Claudia xxx

  4. Oooooh! The purple ones are laaaarvaly! I definitely vote you give those a whirl.

    Generally, I like knock offs. I feel like it's worth spending the money if you feel like you're going to wear them a lot though. I couldn't imagine the knock offs lasting anywhere near as long as the originals. Although, at the price the knock off are at, you could afford to pick up a spare pair!

  5. these shoes fascinate me but i dont think id trust myself to walk in them without crashing into something!xx

  6. I love these shoes, but they definitely aren't for me. there is no way I could stay on the balls of my feet for that long. Your are gorgeous, and its always good to know you have the real deal :D